Our promise of full transparency is also reflected in our pricing model. With SellerShipping, you'll never find surprise fees or unpleasant surcharges every step of the way.

Image Description
$ 0 /mo

There are no monthly subscription fees associated with running accounts on our platform and the support we provide.

No Set Up Fees

No setup fee, no start up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach!

No Monthly Minimums

There is no recurring subscription fee associated with your account.

No Software Fees

If its not for you, just cancel, no hidden costs or fees.

No Receiving Fees

There are no receiving fees up to the first two hours.

FBA Prep Cost

We can handle all your prep requirements.

FNSKU Labeling
$ 0.30 usd / item
$ 0.25 usd / item
Poly bagging
$ 0.50 usd / item
FBA labeling FBA etiketinin yapıştırılma işlemidir
$ 1 usd / item
$ 40 usd per hour
Anything Else
$ 40 usd per hour
Minimum Charge
$ 40 usd per request

Storage Fees

Each SKU requires it's own bin, shelf or pallet. Based on the size of your products and the number of units you send, we'll assign the best fit.


28 x 22 x 20"



40 x 90 x 28"



40 x 48 x 55"





Super simple pricing model

You only pay per shipment, there is no receiving fees up to the first two hours, and you pay a minimal and very fair storage charge.